Satguru Nanak Sahib Went to Greece, Rome. North and East-West Africa and other Boarding Regions, where slaves were boarded( Govt. Publication of Roman Empire,1609).

” The Forcible Entries” of Roman Empire confirms the route of Satguru Nanak Sahib.Why they are called Forcible Entreies? The obvious reasons of this is the ” Bull Divarsas issued on June 18, 1452, by Pope Nicholas-V.In response to a request from Portuguse Monarch. King Alfonso of Portugal was “conferred the right (By Pope Nicholas-V ), to attack, conquer, and subjugate Scarcens, Pagan and other enemies of Christ where they may be found.”Two years later, in 1454, Pope Nicholas-V explicitly confirmed every word of his previous brief in a longer brief to the King of Portugal. Pope Callixtus-III confirmed these grants, they were renewed again by Pope Sixtus-IV in 1481( Ref. PP72 of ” Catholics And Slavery”, by John Parry). In 1514, Pope Leo-X repeated verbatim all these documents, and approved, renewed and confirmed them( Ref. Pp 72 of ” Catholics And Slavery”, by John Pary). As a fair historian, as Sardar Karam Singh Historian bindes me, it is my humble duty to relate the positive steps taken by some Catholic Popes.When Satguru Nanak Sahib met the Pope Leo-X in Vatican, one cardinal was in the congregation. His name was Alessando Fernese.The words of Almighty Satguru Nanak Sahib touched this cardinal in his chest. Time went on. He was made cardinal-bishop under the Pope Clement-VII. in 1534 he became Catholic Pope himself. in 1537 he issued a Bull( order) to all the Christions that slaves are also human beings, and they should not be robbed of their freedom. But “The Forcible Entries” keep the secret of Satguru’s visit to various Nations. The Truth came to limelight when I happened to see these entries. Satguru Nanak Sahib has made all the arrangements.” Dharam Kraye Karam Dhuron Fhurmaya—-Holy Page No. 1280 of SGGS.Hence, The Roman Empire withdrew the names of Satguru Nanak Sahib and Bhai Sahib Mardana ji. Instead, they used Preachers.with three principles( Gospels), Namm Japna, Kirat Karna, and Wand Chhakna.The Roman Empire called this on PP 2 as” The Priests to Teach, to Sacrifice,to Pray. They did so, because, Satguru’s name would have spoiled the prestidge of Christianity.and the credit for Abolition of Slavery would have gone to Almighty Satguru.Hence they created the “Forcible Entries”. But even then the Roman Empire had cleared the route taken by Almighty Satguru for the sake of slaves.Satguru started from Indea( old spellings of India).Route is made from Iraq. They went to Israel (previously called Samaria or Sumeria). Then to Palestine and finally towards Rome. From Rome, to the different Nations and the Bordering Region of the Holy Roman Empire.Taking North and East-West of Africa, including Uganda and Congo (ref.Letter dated July 7, 1526 of Afonso-I of Kongo).On the west of Bordering Regions is the North West of Equator, that is Brazil. West Indies(previously called New Spain), upto Virginia and North Carolina and Florida.On the north is England and Hollands. On the East of The Holy Roman Empire is Hungary, Transsylvania, Romania,Belgrade, Greece, Turkey and Syria etc.Hence Sujan Rai Bhandari is almost correct in concluding in 1696 that “Baba Nanak” travelled the whole world and finally settled at Sri Kartar Pur Sahib(Ref. Khalsatut-Twarikh).

Bibliography: (1)—-The Roman Conclave, translated by, Gentillet Innocent, published and printed for John Lagger, Fleet Street, London,1609( originally printed in 1560). (2)—-Correspondence De Dom Afonso, rui Du Congo, 1506-1543(Govt. Publication in rench Language). (3)—-Catholics And Slavery, by John Perry, published by Novalis Publishing Inc.Toronto,2008. (4)—-Khalastut-Twarikh, by Sujan Rai Bhandari, translated from original in Persion, by Ranjit Singh,published by Publication Bureau, Punjabi University, Patiala,1978(Originally written in 1696).

Copy Right 2010 by Bhai Harpal Singh Kasoor

Satguru Nanak Sahib Went to Greece, Rome, England, West Indies and Africa, according to, “The Forcible Entries” of Roman Empire 1609. (Originally published in Latin in 1560)

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